Is it people making the places or the opposite? The history of Casa Montebrollo is closely linked to that of its owners. Purchased in 1996, it was initially the “buen retiro” and a place of sociability for the family and numerous italian and foreign friends. Then, hand in hand with study trips and work abroad, it became a place to share the owners’ main passion, the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Since 2005, the house has been rented as a holiday home and since 2014 the courses of vegetarian cooking and natural remedies have started (hydrotherapy, use of coal, clay and medicinal plants) held by chefs from various Italian cities and expert teachers.

In 2018 the owners settled in Casa Montebrollo, starting to rent the rooms and offering breakfast. The three bedrooms with private bathrooms, the living room for breakfast and moments of relaxation and the veranda occupy one wing of the house, while the other wing is private. The large surrounding park invites to recreational activities and walks along the paths of the naturalistic oasis that surrounds the property.

Following a course in organic farming in Norway, Alessia activated a vegetable garden next to the house for the production of vegetables and aromatic herbs. For a couple of years, Gabriele, Alessia’s nephew, has been specializing in the cultivation of saffron which he successfully leads on the land of the property.

Alongside the activities of Casa Montebrollo two years ago, Gabriele’s experience with the cultivation of saffron has been added, which is expanding and producing good results. Also in our territory this precious spice can grow in a promising way.